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„Meh” droids

Bardzo fajny tekst o defragmentacji… tabletów z Androidem. The Simple Best (ukradzione od @Costa na Twitterze):

An Android tablet is forced to compete not only against the iPad, the Playbook, the eventual Windows Phone 7 tablets, and the other current Android tablets, but against the reputation of every previous Android tablet. The G-Slate is competing against the “meh” reviews of the Xoom; the Sony tablets will be competing against the “meh” reviews of the G-Slate and the Xoom.

Przy okazji: Playbook od RIM jest kilkanaście dni na rynku. Tutaj wycinek z recenzji Wired o jakości aktualnego softu oraz – wspomnianej w linkowanym wyżej tekście – „przewadze”:

Any tablet debuting more than a year after the Apple’s market-dominating iPad needs an edge. For the PlayBook, that edge is support for Adobe Flash, a feature that the iPad is famously lacking. RIM says it took over two years of working with Adobe to bring Flash to its tablet.

Two years may not have been enough. During a round of Plants vs. Zombies, gameplay bogged down whenever the animation got intense. Every time I tried to access a Flash game on Facebook, the browser crashed. Yes, every single time. Say goodbye to your well-tended crops, Farmvillians.